Adz – Founder

After discovering Precious Plastic, I was inspired to help create a cleaner world. During studies and becoming a dad of 2 boys, I had a heart attack which pushed me to quit my secure 9-5 job and pursue my dream and put my years of knowledge to the test.

Ash – Co-founder

Sometimes it feels like I’m married to a crazy scientist! With Adzie’s brain being so focused on RnD and making products, and with me having a passion for photography and crafts, I decided to start trying to capture the beauty of this waste to get the word out there so we can start moving more of this plastic! I take care of all the socials, tidy up all products and get them posted to you!

Bird – Electrical and Environmental Manager

Having been involved in some way or another over the past 4 years, I saw the platform that had been created and decided to push the limits with my knowledge in electronics and plastic waste. We were able to create the first ever recycled plastic USB flashdrive