There are a few common questions we get asked, and we thought we would take this opportunity to answer here.

1. Do you collect lids/Can I donate my lids to you?

We do not collect any lids directly, however Crafty Chooks in Alfredton are our local Lids4Kids collection point for Ballarat, please check out Lids4Kids – Western Victoria for other collection points. (All lids must be clean, and have all inserts removed)

1. I have this brilliant idea, can you help me create it? – Short answer is yes!

We can help from designing all the way through to the manufacturing of your item. If you have a design or a practical idea that you would like to “bring to life” then we would be honoured to take on this challenge! We have now helped a number of people, businesses, schools and charities get their ideas up and running!

3. Have you been to schools / do you have any educational packages available? – Sure do!

Our most common session goes for an hour and all students get to go home with an item they have hand recycled themselves. Alongside Southern Ocean Environmental Link we are only at the beginning of this amazing change, with a few different packages to choose from.


If you have any further questions or would like to discuss anything further please send us a message, we love to chat. For your time and covience here are some FAQs that might anwser your questions.