Zero Plastics Australia

We are a family business who turn single use plastic waste donated to us by our partners at Lids4kids Australia and Southern Ocean Environmental Link into something unique and beautiful. 

We are all becoming increasingly aware of the finite nature of our planet and the challenges our lifestyle choices are creating for the environment.

Each year millions of tons of plastic makes its way into our landfills and waterways, threatening the entire ecosystem and our very existence on this planet.

Zero is committed to help face this challenge, through various partnerships and direct action. We are more than happy to play our role in creating a cleaner world.

Plastic waste is a resource whose full potential is yet to be realized.

Like Grandma said “Keep it simple sweetheart”

1. We first collect our plastic waste

2. Then we shred the plastic

3. Shredded plastics go into our injection machine, which melts the plastic into a honey-like consistency

4. Fill mold with hot plastics

6. Final Product!

We also have the ability to create fully recycled plastic sheets – either 330mm by 330mm or 500mm by 300mm in size.

Steps 1 and 2 are the same.

3. Shredded plastics go into our sheet machine

4. Cook and Cool

5. Final Product – That easy!

If you are interested in purchasing sheets, please contact us here.